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SWC Urges Colombian President to Match His Harsh Demands of Israel With a Demand that Hamas Immediately Release 100 Israeli hostages

Buenos Aires, March 27

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, issued a statement through his social network X saying: “If Israel does not comply with the United Nations Ceasefire resolution, we will break diplomatic relations with Israel.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center´s Director for Latin America, Dr. Ariel Gelblung said on this regard: “Petro's biased reading of the United Nations resolution is striking. It demands a ceasefire and the return of all hostages held by Hamas. The President of Colombia only warns Israel and not only he does not urges the terrorist group to fulfill his part nor does he threaten it diplomatically and even less does he condemns its actions. We urge the President to once again lower the tone of his statements on social networks, which since the beginning of the conflict seem to want to find an excuse to cause the rupture of relations with a state that has historically had a fruitful relationship with Colombia and to which The Colombian people love deeply. The restraint and care of the Jewish citizens of Colombia should be his guide.”

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